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"The Dreagon's Breath" - Midnight Mind by Mara Katria
"The Dreagon's Breath" - Midnight Mind by Mara Katria

PRESS RELEASE – August 2020

Mara Katria’s debut single “Midnight Mind” dropped this spring among increasing excitement for her award-winning music video and upcoming EP with post punk legends Modern English!

The acclaimed filmmaker and musician Mara Katria’s seminal single debuted on Channel 98.9 FM – Corry’s Radio Alternative on the 20th of February (2/20/2020)! From there, “Midnight Mind” went directly into rotation and was spotlighted on multiple FM broadcasts including ALT-Natives on ALT-92.1 and Lehigh Valley’s NPR station 88.1. With the song now available on all popular streaming and digital platforms, excitement is building for the premiere of the accompanying short film Katria directed – which has already received multiple Best Music Video awards. The news does not end there as “Midnight Mind” will pave the way for an original EP album she’s writing with the legendary post punk / new wave band Modern English!

“Midnight Mind” was composed and performed by Mara and features J. Jeff Ungar (as seen on SyFy Television). The single was e-mastered at Real World Studios founded by globally recognized musician and humanitarian Peter Gabriel. “Midnight Mind” was envisioned as an authentic, human story that explores the latent beauty in the proverbial darkness, the give and take of the winds of change. Katria states that she hopes the song will “act as a mirror to reflect possible perspectives through which we consider pain and perseverance … our own and each other’s, alone and not alone.”

Over the months preceding the pandemic, Ms. Katria embarked on a pre-release media tour for her single and upcoming music video. This preliminary tour has included radio interviews and annually held international film festivals where “Midnight Mind” continues to receive accolades. The Sound and Vision International Film and Technology Festival, for example, describes it as a “stunningly crafted [piece] that takes you on a surreal journey into sight and sound. Made with a high regard for creativity, ‘Midnight Mind’ wows the eyes and moves the soul.” Mara’s appreciation for immersive synth pop and new wave music is evident in the track. As Radio’s Don Bedell states: “‘Midnight Mind’ is a hit! It’s haunting. It’s mesmerizing. Ethereal. Atmospheric. A little Kate Bush. A little Annie Lennox. I’m looking forward to hearing more!”

This all portends the late 2020 release of what will be Mara’s follow-up album featuring a band that helped define the 80s: Modern English! Mara connected with the iconic group after supporting their 2017 record Take Me to the Trees. In comment about working with her friends and heroes (like renowned Modern English and Piroshka bassist Michael Conroy), Mara intones: “My God; it’s full of stars!” She notes that all songs will share a common thread – from the ME tracks back to “Midnight Mind” – and refers to them under the hashtag #MusicForTimeTravelers.

Watch the otherworldly announcement for “Midnight Mind” and the coming album here.

Check out the short trailer for “Midnight Mind” here.

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“‘Midnight Mind’ is a hit! It’s haunting. It’s mesmerizing. Ethereal. Atmospheric. A little Kate Bush. A little Annie Lennox. I’m looking forward to hearing more!”
     – Radio’s Don Bedell. (Longtime radio host and musician Don Bedell helmed the beloved central Pennsylvania FM radio station 98.7 The Freq. He is now Director of Business Support for WPSU, a PBS and NPR member station.)

“If music is indeed the universal language, then ‘Midnight Mind’ is a shimmering satellite that will bathe the cosmos in waves of truth and meaning as it traverses the heavens above. The portal is open.”
     – Christopher Di Cesare, The Ghost Boy of Geneseo.

“A true artistic masterpiece!! The theme, the music, the voices, the actors, the passion, the set, it all captivates the soul and draws you in, into the edges of one’s own existence and one’s own Midnight Mind!”
     – Lou and Cheryl Baldino. (Music business veteran Lou Baldino traveled and recorded with a variety of bands through the 60s, 70s, and 80s including the Platters and the Michael Carney Orchestras. In 2002, he began backing up his daughter Rose Baldino’s fiddle playing in Burning Bridget Cleary – managed by wife and partner Cheryl Baldino to the production of a half-dozen studio albums, multiple awards, and international tours.)

“‘Midnight Mind’ is a stunningly crafted music video that takes you on a surreal journey into sight and sound. Made with a high regard for creativity, ‘Midnight Mind’ wows the eyes and moves the soul.”
     — Sound and Vision International Film and Technology Festival.

A being outside of time reflects within a universe of thought. She beholds the beauty in the dark – and tries to give a new name to the wind.

Mara Katria is a musician and filmmaker who has received several awards as director of the feature documentary Please Talk with Me (2015) and the short film for her debut single “Midnight Mind” (2020). Her work is often described as experiential, ethereal, and authentic.

Experiences are what Mara Katria creates. She uses the varied tools of a musician, film director, videogame world-builder, and photographer to immerse audiences in the depths of history and the perpetuity of genuine emotion. Her commitment to the craft of moving people and the art of communication has seen her receive numerous accolades dedicated to her varied disciplines. Ms. Katria’s creative path began as project leader for the videogame expansion MOD “Et in Arkay Ego” for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in 2009. She went on to direct the award-winning feature film Please Talk with Me which recreates the famous C2D1 Haunting. And on 20th February 2020, Mara’s debut single “Midnight Mind” was released on multiple FM radio stations — with the acclaimed music video she directed for the song scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2020 (depending COVID-19 status). This in preparation for an original album she has written and performed featuring the legendary post punk band Modern English. The record, codenamed Modern M, promises to guide listeners on a sonic adventure that spans the ribbon of time. In all these productions, Katria aims to use music and cinema as a mirror: echoing our mythic past and projecting epochs yet to come.

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"Director" Mara Katria Portrait by J. Jeff Ungar
Mara Katria - "The Touch" by J. Jeff Ungar

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