"The Dark Night Of The Soul"

"The Dark Night Of The Soul" cover by Mara Katria (feat. Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan)
The Dark Night Of The Soul Cover of Loreena McKennitt by Mara Katria (feat. Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan of House of Hamill)

"The Dark Night Of The Soul"

Mara Katria’s cover of Loreena McKennitt‘s timeless song is out now! This enchanting piece features violin and guitar by world-class musicians Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan. Mixing and mastering were deftly provided by Clyde Rosencrance. Accompanying the song is a lyrics video filmed by J. Jeff Ungar and Ms. Katria (directed and edited by Mara as well).  Experience “The Dark Night Of The Soul” on: YouTubeSpotifyiTunesAmazonFacebook – and all other major platforms.

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Reviews for “The Dark Night Of The Soul””


“‘Mara Katria’s ‘The Dark Night Of The Soul’ featuring Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan is absolutely beautiful. I am floored!”

• ‘Joltin Joe’ Pszonek – Host, Folk Music Notebook’s: Radio Nowhere and The Train Wreck Show


“Pure magic! We really love this version of ‘The Dark Night Of The Soul.’ We were listening to it again and again when we drove through Saltfjellet National Park in Norway, crossing the Arctic Circle. We felt that the song and the wild environment melted together.”

• Marit Bertheussen – Department Manager, Helgeland Museum | Bjørn-Ivar Helland – Artist/Photographer (Træna, Norway)


“With Mara Katria’s warm, lovely voice, the timeless words of St. John of the Cross and a richly woven bed of strings, I felt transported to a moonlit forest and wrapped in the warmth of a lover’s embrace.”

• Eric Morse – Writer and Editor


“Absolutely lovely!”

• Larry McCloskey – Owner/Host, Celtic Songstress Radio & Celtic Trad Radio


“‘The Dark Night Of The Soul’ is gorgeous! It brings a profound sense of peace. A work of art!”

• Lou and Cheryl Baldino – Musician and Band Manager, Burning Bridget Cleary

“The Dark Night Of The Soul” will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, et cetera, on September 19th, 2020! A number of stations have already enthusiastically confirmed that they are pleased to include the song in rotation and/or as part of special features! These shows and stations include, but are not limited to: ••• The Folk Music Notebook ••• 88.1-FM WDIY ••• Channel 98.9-FM ••• Traditions with Ron Olesko (98.1-FM WFDU) ••• Celtic Songstress Radio ••• Paddy Rock Radio ••• Celtic Roots Radio.

These are excellent stations and hosts who feature remarkable artists and music. They are well worth turning on anytime!

Ms. Katria counts it as a deep honor that when Loreena McKennitt and her label Quinlan Road were contacted for permission to share this homage to “The Dark Night Of The Soul” – not only did they give their blessing – but they also expressed how much they enjoy this version and the lyrics-video Mara directed. In Mara’s words, “I am forever grateful for the genius and kindness of a true heroine, the great Loreena McKennitt, and the phenomenal people she chooses to work with.”

Mara Katria - "The Touch" by J. Jeff Ungar

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