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Mara Katria - Cities in Dust - Artifacts
Mara Katria - Cities in Dust (Shadow)
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     “Cities in Dust” has been described as an achingly beautiful song and music video directed, performed, and produced by award-winning filmmaker and musician Mara Katria as an homage to the incomparable post-punk / new-wave band Siouxsie and the Banshees.

     The aesthetic of the ‘shadow play’ captured in Ms. Katria’s music video matches the moving nature of the song, and using a symbolically emotional kit of archaeological tools she delves into the duality of lament and promise regarding the marks made –– and hopefully not lost –– by ancient civilizations across the globe as well as those made by individuals that will come and go in the modern age and beyond.

     This is emphasized by Mara’s juxtaposition of ultra modern electronic layering with timeless organic elements in both the song and video, like the sound of autumn leaves she crackled into dust –– as well as audio from actual clay artifacts caressed and resonated for authentic and unique effect. Likewise, the accompanying short film is inspired by the prehistoric art of storytelling through shadows evocative of the philosophical concept of ‘Plato’s Cave’.

     The resulting piece benefits from expertly rendered set design by J. Jeff Ungar (SyFy TV), including a massive handcrafted pendulum further illustrating the passage of time.  

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The song and music video for “Cities in Dust” by Mara Katria has received Best Vocalist at the Europe Music Video Awards, Best Music / Score at Ethereal Frames Film and Art Awards, and Best Cover Song at the TMAs! 

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Reviews for “Cities in Dust”


“This is a serious piece of music from the very talented Mara Katria. As you know she does wonderful versions of other people's songs as well as her own. All I can say is it’s appropriate for the times. It’s so poignant and beautifully done, as I’d expect from that lovely voice.”

•  Radio DJ Joltin’ Joe (Folk Music Notebook)  


“‘Cities in Dust’ is equal parts a mesmerizing song as it is a thought provoking short film. Mara Katria’s voice lures you in and wraps itself around your heart.”

•  Ethereal Frames Film & Art Awards (Festival Jury Statement)


"Mara Katria's voice in 'Cities in Dust' flies through your ears and it makes for a wonderful musical journey!"

•  Tracks Music Awards (Festival Jury Statement) 


"Mara Katria’s 'Cities in Dust' moved me to tears.  So beautifully transcendent."

•  L. K. McDonald (Poet and Author, Wallkill, NY)


"I've been listening to this song over and over. Wonderful. [Mara's] voice is absolutely beautiful. She has a new fan."

•  Wayne B. Vero (Snap Hall of Fame)

Mara Katria - "The Touch" by J. Jeff Ungar

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