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Please Talk With Me - Film

Please Talk With Me is the award-winning feature length film that recreates the authentic events known as the C2D1 Haunting.

• Directed by Mara Katria.
• Screenplay by Chris Di Cesare.
• Based on “The C2D1 Journal Notes” by J. Jeff Ungar.
• Produced by William J. Edwards (CITA Productions).
• Starring Kyle Shea and Aaron Katter.
• With Ben Bandel, Clara Heller, Dawn Sobolewski, Nicholas Pearl, Tyler Peck, David Lanson, Izabella Cylc, Howah Hung, Matthew Molnar, Mark Keyes, Charles Manning.

For more information on Please Talk With Me, visit the film’s official website:

For in-depth information on the paranormal occurrences,  the focus of the C2D1 Haunting, Chris Di Cesare (The Ghost Boy of Geneseo) has a fantastic website:

Purchase a copy of the film or one of the accompanying books from PTWM’s producer William J. Edwards at:

You may also purchase the film and many other books from writer of “The C2D1 Journal Notes” J. Jeff Ungar via J2U Books here:

Mara Katria - "The Touch" by J. Jeff Ungar

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