"Midnight Mind"

Midnight Mind by Mara Katria featuring J. Jeff Ungar - "Breath" Poster
Midnight Mind by Mara Katria "Dream" Poster
"Midnight Mind" Poster

"Midnight Mind" - Song

“Midnight Mind” is the first of Mara’s original pieces to be released publicly. The song features J. Jeff Ungar and was e-Mastered at the immortal Real World Studios.

The song is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, et cetera – and if you prefer a collectible edition, then deluxe CD, DVD, and Blu-ray bundles are available on ebay now, courtesy of Music For Time Travelers.​

"Midnight Mind" - Official Video

The official “Midnight Mind” music video has been released — first via the excellent publication I’m Music Magazine — and now to the wide world. Visit the events section to learn about the recent and upcoming film festivals, radio shows, and news regarding this multi Best Music Video Award winning short film – written and directed by Mara Katria, featuring J. Jeff Ungar. Better yet, subscribe to Mara’s channel on YouTube, and join her on the journey forward!

"Midnight Mind" - Lyrics Video

The lyrics video for “Midnight Mind” featuring J. Jeff Ungar was shot and edited during the spring of 2020. Mara wanted to provide something (before the release of the official video) in hope of providing solace during the COVID-19 climate. As the chorus rings out: “You’re not alone.” The video is also available on Roku’s KNOB-TV channel!

"Midnight Mind" - Mara Shirt

Get a Mara shirt with artwork inspired by “Midnight Mind.” 

In light of the pandemic, radio’s Johnny Popko has launched the Shirts for the Scene initiative – ‘a partnership between The Popko Project and Axelrad Screen Printing where fans can purchase their favorite independent artist’s shirt, and the proceeds will go directly to them.’

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I'm Music Magazine Article

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Woman Around Town Article

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Reviews for “Midnight Mind”


“‘Midnight Mind’ is a hit! It’s haunting. It’s mesmerizing. Ethereal. Atmospheric. A little Kate Bush. A little Annie Lennox. I’m looking forward to hearing more!”

• Radio’s Don Bedell – Host, 98.7FM The FREQ


“If music is indeed the universal language, then ‘Midnight Mind’ is a shimmering satellite that will bathe the cosmos in waves of truth and meaning as it traverses the heavens above. The portal is open.”

• Christopher Di Cesare – The Ghost Boy of Geneseo, SyFy Television and Travel Channel


“A true artistic masterpiece!! The theme, the music, the voices, the actors, the passion, the set, it all captivates the soul and draws you in, into the edges of one’s own existence and one’s own midnight mind!”

• Lou and Cheryl Baldino – Musician and Band Manager, Burning Bridget Cleary


“‘Midnight Mind’ is a stunningly crafted music video that takes you on a surreal journey into sight and sound. Made with a high regard for creativity, ‘Midnight Mind’ wows the eyes and moves the soul.”

• Sound and Vision International Film and Technology Festival


“I am completely wowed on multiple levels with the ‘Midnight Mind’ song and video. Mara Katria's debut single and accompanying video are quite mesmerizing! It's an amazing feast for your ears and for your eyes!

• Johnny Price – Owner/Editor, I’m Music Magazine


"'Midnight Mind' is hypnotic to watch and soothing to the ear. This is monumental. Bravo!"

• MJ Hanley-Goff – Writer, Woman Around Town (The Joyful Traveller)


“‘Midnight Mind’ is absolutely beautiful. Reminiscent of Kate Bush and October Project!”

• Stewart Brodian – Host, NPR’s 88.1FM WDIY and Brodian’s Basement


"'Midnight Mind' is stunning – completely enrapturing in both site and sound. Magic truly is real!"

• Phil Duckworth – Owner/ Host, Paddy Rock Radio

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Mara Katria - "The Touch" by J. Jeff Ungar

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